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Interior Home Remodeling FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cabinetry lead time?
  • The typical lead time depends upon the manufacturer of the cabinet chosen.
  • For our “stock” line of kitchen cabinets, approx. 7‐10 business days.  For our “semi‐custom” kitchen cabinets, approx. 6–8 weeks. For our “custom” cabinets, approx. 8‐12 weeks.
  • All lead times can vary depending upon time of year, activity level of the manufacturer and weather conditions. Please inquire regarding current lead time.
How long is the process once ready to start the kitchen remodel?
  • Standard Kitchen – 4–8 weeks – Cabinetry, Countertop, Flooring, minor Plumbing & Electric.
  • ***Depends of the extent of remodel
How long is the process once ready to start the bathroom remodel?
  • Standard 5×8 bathroom – 4-6 weeks – Cabinetry, Countertop, Flooring, minor Plumbing & Electric.
  • ***Depends of the extent of remodel
Do you subcontract work out or is it all done in house?
  • We subcontract out Plumbing and Electric.

When do you template for countertop?

  • Template is scheduled within a few days after the cabinetry is installed.
How long before countertops will be installed?
  • Countertops will be installed approximately 10-14 working days after template.
When does Backsplash get installed?
  • Within a week of installation of countertops.
When do I pick out my finishes: sink, tub, fixtures, hardware, mirrors, lighting?

Within a week of cabinetry and countertop selections, so we can order to have them in time for install of cabinets.

May I purchase my own finishes?
  • Yes, please have them all selected and on-site upon commencement.
Can I order cabinetry Cash & Carry?
  • Yes, to be picked up at our warehouse in Palm City.
Do you provide painting services for your projects?
  • Yes.
Do you refinish existing cabinets?
  • No.
What is the time frame to order tile?
  • Typically 2-5 days.
Do you install the tile?
  • Yes. Our experts are licensed and insured.
Time frame for installation? (Flooring only projects)
  • Normally within a week of tile arriving at our warehouse we can start install; the duration for a typical house is approx 5-7 days depending on the scope.
How long does it take to install bathroom tile?
  • Shower walls: approx. 3-4 days.
  • Floors: approx. 2-3 days.
Do you warranty the labor?
  • Yes. One year.
Can you install luxury vinyl over tile?
  • Yes, as long as tile is down securely and level.
What size tile should I use?
  • Depends on the size of the area you want to have done.
What flooring products do you sell/ install?
  • Porcelain tile, marble, stone, luxury vinyl, wood, laminate, and carpet.
Do you do work outside of Martin County?
  • Yes. Most of our work is from Fort Pierce to N. Palm Beach.
Can I purchase flooring without installation?
  • Yes.
Can you order flooring I saw at another store?
  • In most cases, yes.

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